Corona Travel Restrictions (8/3/20) and When Will It End?

Question no one knows the answer to is when are we going to be able to travel internationally again? It is literally a million-dollar question.

Covid-19 pandemic is becoming a never-ending story of 2020 and people are becoming desperate with losing jobs, being stuck at places they don’t want to be, or homeschooling kids while having a full-time job. Which one of these are you?

As of today, the most affected countries are the USA, Brazil, and India. But even countries with fewer cases and smaller countries are struggling to keep up and not have their medical systems break down completely.


Maybe you have been horribly affected yourself and have family members sick, or maybe you are not affected at all and consider yourself a lucky one, but still, everyone is looking forward to the crisis to end. Will the life ever go back yo normal?

Every industry has taken a hit, including strong global economies like the USA, Japan, or Sweden. Countries are changing rules from day to day and you can find yourself in a situation that you have entered the country but you cannot leave, or your flights are canceled, your hotel has closed down…

When Will Pandemic End?

“It is impossible to put a date on it,” Dr Simon Clarke, professor of cellular microbiology at the University of Reading tells The Independent.

“When people ask, ‘When will this end?,’ they are asking about the social ending,” said Dr. Jeremy Greene, a historian of medicine at Johns Hopkins tells The Economic Times.

“We do have a big problem in what the exit strategy is and how we get out of this,” says Mark Woolhouse, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh. “It’s not just the UK, no country has an exit strategy,” tells BBC.

Realistically speaking this might last for months, even years until the proper vaccine is developed and a strategy is in place. Just a few days ago one cruise line that resumed sailing, Hurtigruten, has reported several corona cases already among the crew and passengers.

“The four crew members were isolated several days ago due to another illness, without symptoms of COVID-19. When the ship arrived in Tromsoe on Friday night, however, everyone was routinely tested,” Hurtigruten explained in the statement translated from Norwegian (

Possible Outcome

End of this year, next year, or just days from now, when this pandemic ends there are several possible outcomes. Here are some ideas of what might happen:

  • We will be required or advised to be vaccinated when traveling to certain countries
  • Many low-cost airlines and transportation, in general, will not survive the crisis and ticket prices will skyrocket
  • Many people will not be able to afford traveling for a few years after the pandemic ends which will end the mass tourism or at least pause it
  • Local travel will be more popular as well as staycations
  • Social distancing, health and hygiene standards will be kept as they are in the pandemic
  • Everything goes back to normal! This is the best possible scenario that everyone hopes for. Everyone will be hungry for new destinations and experiences and hopefully, the travel industry will not just survive but also grow in the next few years.

How did this pandemic affect you and what are your thoughts on this topic? Please write in a comment below.

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