20 Interesting Facts About Dubai

When it comes to Dubai many things are misunderstood. Westerners expect a closed society, expats love it, and tourists think it’s expensive. Dubai can be visited on every budget, including an extravagant lifestyle. Here are some facts you maybe didn’t know about Dubai, which will make you add this place to your bucket list: 1.Continue reading “20 Interesting Facts About Dubai”

Two MSC ships starting “new normal” sailing in August 2020

After being hit so hard by COVID-19 pandemic Italy is slowly going back to normal, or at least “new normal”. Cruise lines are desperate to start sailing, as they are losing billions of dollars this year. MSC cruise line has set dates for first Mediterranean cruises for two ships, MSC Grandiosa and MSC Magnifica. YouContinue reading “Two MSC ships starting “new normal” sailing in August 2020″

10 Best Rated Travel Guide eBooks

While most of us are taking a break from traveling due to pandemic, it is still allowed to plan travels ahead and enjoy yourself in the location where you are now. Staycations are a newly popular thing, it means you go on a vacation in your own hometown. I am in Zagreb for the lastContinue reading “10 Best Rated Travel Guide eBooks”

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Spain

For first time visitors, the best cities to visit in Spain are the most popular ones. But if your trip to Spain includes having more time to explore we suggest you go off the beaten path and visit some less touristy places and see the countryside. Prepare yourself for a lot of sun and dressContinue reading “Top 10 Cities to Visit in Spain”

Ålesund – The Most Charming Norwegian Town

As a picturesque port, Ålesund gets most of its visitors from cruise ships. The town is walking distance from the terminal, and even if you don’t go on any excursions you will have an amazing day just walking around and enjoy beautiful Jugendstil (art nouveau) architecture. The city was built on a row of severalContinue reading “Ålesund – The Most Charming Norwegian Town”

5 Best Travel Cameras Under $700

Capturing memories is a necessity when traveling. A good camera is an accessory that will help you remember your adventures forever but it will not be a burden at the same time. The best cameras are lightweight, not too expensive, and take colorful images. Important aspects of a travel camera are zoom range, image quality,Continue reading “5 Best Travel Cameras Under $700”

Corona Travel Restrictions (8/3/20) and When Will It End?

Question no one knows the answer to is when are we going to be able to travel internationally again? It is literally a million-dollar question. Covid-19 pandemic is becoming a never-ending story of 2020 and people are becoming desperate with losing jobs, being stuck at places they don’t want to be, or homeschooling kids whileContinue reading “Corona Travel Restrictions (8/3/20) and When Will It End?”

Top 10 Greek islands for first-time visitors

When you think of Greece you think of amazingly blue crystal clear water, white sand beaches, and white cube-like buildings. Greek islands are pearls of Mediterranean, and it is hard to decide which one to choose for your vacation, especially if you are visiting this gorgeous country for the first time. Greece has somewhere betweenContinue reading “Top 10 Greek islands for first-time visitors”

Anna Akhmatova Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

If you are learning Russian or just interested in Russian literature you must have been familiar with the poet Anna Akhmatova (1889–1966). I learned about her in elementary school in my Russian language class and since then I loved reading her poetry. When I finally had the opportunity to visit St. Petersburg I also visitedContinue reading “Anna Akhmatova Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia”